Designer Sample Sale


10AM - 6PM July 21th Saturday & July 22nd Sunday, 2018


Flying Solo

434 W Broadway New York NY 10012


We are going to have design sample sale because of brand elevation. It is only for limited samples and the sale will be different every time. Buy $10 Gift Card to get up to 50% off for limited samples. Stay tuned to our latest Design Sample Sale invitation!

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Explore Your Auspicious Origin

Inspired by divine Chinese culture, 

Yun Boutique explores the connection between human and the divine.

Our designers draw inspiration from this divine heritage

through their practice of Falun Dafa, an ancient Chinese meditation practice. 

They believe that life is a journey of spiritual self-cultivation;

of becoming our best original selves. 

When you wear Yun Boutique jewelry,

we hope your auspicious original self will be inspired and shine through.  


Click the magic button "GET REWARDED!" and have fun!