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Reunion Carnelian Bracelet

Auspicious clouds represent the connection between humanity and the divine. Carnelian was one of the most beloved gemstones in the ancient world and believed to enhance the wearer’s intuition and seeing powers.

The echo pattern of a cluster of gemstones with Auspicious cloud motif represents the predestined relationship: every encounter is a reunion. Share with your beloved ones how much you cherish them with this Reunion Bracelet.

⚜Item Specifics

❀ Wood Turquoise Auspicious Cloud (12mm)
❀ Genuine Natural Turquoise Bead (6mm)
❀ Genuine Natural Carnelian Beads (6mm)
❀ Genuine Natural Lapis and Moonstone Beads (6mm)
❀ Length: 15.3cm (6 Inch)