Plum Blossom Locket Moonstone Bracelet

In the Divine Land, the plum blossom reminds us that even the most delicate beauty contains strength. Blooming in the harshest of winters, the plum blossom represents the virtue of endurance and overcoming adversities.

This delicate Plum Blossom theme bracelet will remind you to be the best you can be each day you wear it. The sterling silver plum blossom container with perfume herbs with keep evil spirits away according to traditional beliefs. It would be a wonderful gift for your beloved ones during the coronavirus pandemic.

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⚜Item Specifics

❀ Natural Moonstone (8mm)
❀ Natural Ruby (10mm)
❀ Natural Tourmaline (8mm)
❀ Fresh Water Pearl 2mm
❀ Sterling Silver Plum Blossom Perfume Herb Container
❀ Length: 16.5cm with Elastic Crystal Thread


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