The Nine Necklaces and Earrings Set - Plum Blossom


This jewelry set (earrings & necklaces) is of The Nine collection which features nine enamel plum blossom in its design.

The Nine Collection features nine primary natural semi-precious stones in each design. The number nine (九) represents eternity in China’s divine culture, celebrating the end of an old life cycle and the beginning of a new one. May The Nine Collection usher a new beginning in your own life!

❀ Sterling Silver Enamel Plum Blossom
❀ Seashell (4-8mm), Aquamarine (4mm)
❀ 14K Gold Filled Clasps; Gold Plated Sterling Silver Chain and Ear Wire
❀ Length: Long Necklace 28 in. (with 1.5 in. Extension Chain); Short Necklace 16 in.; Earrings 1 in.
❀ Bottom Of Long Necklace Is Around Chest

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