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Gold Phoenix Wing Red Tassel Necklace

An intricate phoenix wing linked by auspicious clouds with tarnish resistant titanium steal chain. Red crystal tassels brings an delightful and elegant palatial touch to this design. In the Divine Land, the phoenix (fenghuang) is a divine bird that reigns over all the others. Its body symbolizes the celestial bodies, and its feathers are made of the five fundamental colors that represent the five virtues. 

⚜ Specs

❀ Gold Plated Phoenix Wing Pendant Width 2.6 in. (70mm); Length 4.3 in. (110mm) 
❀ 22 6-14mm Faux Pearls
❀ 29 4-8mm Faux Crystal Beads
❀ Gold Plated Titanium Steel Popcorn Chain, Tarnish Resistant
❀ Necklace Length: 24 in. (60cm)

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