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6 Essential Questions To Ask Before Buying A Jewelry Gift

December 20, 2015 2 min read

Are you thinking of buying jewelry as a gift for someone? Or, are you afraid you will receive a jewelry gift that might not meet your exacting tastes? Either way, the contents of this post will help make the holiday season better for everyone.

I say that because the success rate for gift-giving is pretty dismal. Over 1 in 3 recipients return at least one holiday gift each season. And that doesn’t even include re-gifting.

Giving jewelry gets especially risky because jewelry depends highly on personal taste, which is hard to describe, and even harder for someone else to understand.

While you’ll have to rely on your own judgment when it comes to taste, here’s a list of questions that can help you fool-proof your jewelry gift. Make sure to check this post for a handy shopping guide.

Does she even wear jewelry?

This is painfully obvious, but you’d be surprised how often well-meaning friends and family fail to consider this question.

Are her ears pierced?

You don't want to make that mistake. Awkward.

Do you know her ring size?

If you’re buying a ring, know which finger its meant for, and its size. Go for the larger size if you’re unsure; it’s better for the structural integrity of the ring to get sized down rather than up. Or, if you’re buying a fashion or costume ring, find one that’s adjustable.

What are her jewelry-wearing habits?

Does she wear the same simple earrings every day because they are easy to match? Does she wear the same necklace every day for sentimental reasons? Maybe she wears different jewelry depending on her outfits. Or she wears jewelry only for special occasions.

Follow her jewelry-wearing logic, whether it’s pragmatic, sentimental, fashion-oriented, or occasion-oriented.

What items of jewelry does she wear regularly? Necklaces? Bracelets? Watches? Rings?

It’s a good bet to choose something in a category she already wears. For example, if your friend never wears bracelets, yet you buy her a bracelet, you will not only have to sell her on YOUR bracelet, but bracelets in general.

Does she have any metal allergies?

One in seven people have some sort of metal allergy, nickel being the most common. Even if you're not in the market for fine jewelry, buy pieces of higher-quality metal like gold-filled wire and sterling silver. If you want to eliminate the risk altogether, look for pieces that are composed of non-metal parts, like wood, leather, cord, ceramic, and stone.

I hope this list has been helpful, and we wish you luck in your gift purchases. Please share any other tips we may have missed!

For additional gift ideas, check out the 10 essential pieces of jewelry every woman should own.

Produced and edited by Christine Lin. 

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