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Auspicious Flower Pearl Pendant Gold

This handmade wire wrapped pearl flower pendant is a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry, inspired by the Yun Boutique logo. The pendant features a miniature representation of the Buddhist concept of the Ten Directional World, with a pattern of auspicious clouds forming a heavenly flower. The pendant is made from 14K gold filled materials, and is adorned with a combination of white and pink baroque pearls in varying sizes. The pendant has a width of 1.6 inches, and can be attached to the Return to Origin beaded gemstone chain to style as a statement necklace. This piece is a truly special and meaningful addition to any jewelry collection.

⚜ Wire Wrapped Auspicious Flower Pendant

❀ 14K Gold Filled Disk, Wire, and Ring
❀ Baroque Pearls White and Pink 2mm, 4mm, and 8-10mm
❀ Width 1.6 in.

Create your own Return to Origin style with your favourite chainstassels, and pendants. May this necklace bring you good luck, and the courage to reconnect to your best self.