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Metropolis Hermit Gems Station Necklace

Inspired by goddess necklace in ancient Chinese paintings, This necklace, handmade with genuine natural gemstone and Carved Bodhi Seeds, is accented with solid gold plated brass curved cubes for a touch of elegance. The versatile design of this piece makes it a unique addition to any jewelry collection. Wear it to bring a sense of new beginnings and timeless beauty to your life. 

Unleash your urban mystique with the Metropolis Hermit jewelry collection. Featuring a captivating blend of natural gemstones and bold chains, each piece embodies the spirit of a modern-day hermit. Discover the allure of solitude and express your individuality with these edgy and sophisticated designs.


Natural Lapis Column (9-15mm) and Chips (8mm)
❀ Natural Baroque Pearls (10-14mm)
❀ Natural Pearls (8mm)
❀ Natural Carnelian Round Bead (14mm)
❀ Premium Cinnabar Auspicious Clouds (8-15mm)
❀ Carved Bodhi Seeds Auspicious Clouds (12-16mm)
Solid Gold Plated Brass Caps, Curved Cubes (30mm), and Clasp