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Return to Origin Jadeite Lariat Tassel Necklace Set

Return to Origin Jadeite Lariat Tassel Necklace Set features multi-style natural gemstone lariat necklace with gemstone or silk tassels. Tassels can be attached to earrings or necklace. Beaded jadeite chain can be styled as classic, rope, lariat, necklace, or even a bracelet.

⚜ Return to Origin Peridot and Jade  Necklace

❀ Natural Jadeite, Aventurine, Pearl, and Crystal 4mm
❀ Sterling Silver Beads 2-4mm
❀ Irregular White Crystal Pendant
❀ Beaded Chain 28 in. with Glasses Chain Connectors
❀ Multiple Styles

Sterling Silver Tassels and Earrings

❀ Gold Plated Sterling Silver Tassels
❀ Gold Plated Sterling Silver Lotus Ear Wire

❀ Length 3.5 in. as Earrings
❀ White Crystal Beads 8mm

Create your own Return to Origin style with your favourite chainstassels, and pendants
May this necklace bring you good luck, and the courage to reconnect to your best self.