Gold Enamel Phoenix Necklace

⚜ Gold Enamel Phoenix Necklace

❀ 18K Solid Gold Plated Chain; 14K Gold Filled Clasp
❀ Gold Plated Enamel Phoenix
❀ Baroque Pearls 8-10mm; 
❀ Natural Yellow Jade, Lapis, and Turquoise Howlite
❀ Enamel Pendant Width 3 in.; Length 4.5 in. including Tassels
Necklace Length: 40 in. Adjustable

In the Divine Land, the phoenix (fenghuang) is a divine bird that reigns over all the others. Its body symbolizes the celestial bodies, and its feathers are made of the five fundamental colors that represent the five virtues. 

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