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Moon Goddess Necklace

⚜ Moon Goddess Necklace

❀ 14K Gold Filled Clasp and Arch; 
❀ Gold Plates Sterling Silver Chain and Auspicious Clouds Motif
❀ Fresh Water Pearl Coin 12mm; Fresh Water Pearl 4mm
❀ Total Length 16 in. with 1.5 in. Extension

Invoke the mystery of the moon with this Moon Goddess Necklace. This coin pearl's textured surface glows like the full moon on its brightest night. Style these up to feel like the legendary Chinese Goddess of the Moon, Chang'E, or dress them down for an everyday look. They're so versatile!

In the Divine Land, Chinese people believe that life has a celestial origin. May this necklace remind you to never forget from whence we came.