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Return to Origin Beaded Coral Necklace 34 Inch

This beaded coral necklace can be styled as rope necklace, lariat necklace, classic necklace, or even a bracelet and glasses chain. Create your own Return to Origin style with your favourite chainstassels, and pendants

⚜ Return to Origin Yellow Jade Beaded Chain

❀ Natural White Coral 4mm
❀ Sterling Silver Claps and Beads 2mm
❀ Manmade Amber 10mm
❀ Fresh Water Pearl 6-10mm
❀ Rosewood Spacer and Gold Sandstone
❀ Beaded Chain 32 in.
❀ Multiple Styles
❀ Black Glasses Chain Connectors

May this necklace bring you good luck, and the courage to reconnect to your best self.