Metropolis Hermit Asymmetry Necklace Set


Unleash your urban mystique with the Metropolis Hermit jewelry collection. Featuring a captivating blend of natural gemstones and bold chains, each piece embodies the spirit of a modern-day hermit. Discover the allure of solitude and express your individuality with these edgy and sophisticated designs.

⚜ Necklace

Natural Lapis (18mm, 8mm, and 6mm)
❀ Natural Cat Eye and Tiger Eye
❀ Natural Gold Rutilated Quartz (12mm) and Citrine
Solid Gold Plated Brass Chain and Clasp
❀ 19.5 Inch Adjustable

⚜ Bracelet

 Natural Lapis (18mm, 8mm, and 6mm)
❀ Natural Cat Eye and Citrine
❀ Natural Baroque Pearls
 Solid Gold Plated Brass Chain and Clasp
❀ 9 Inch Adjustable

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