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Auspicious Clouds Oval Purple Jadeite Pendant

In the depths of everyone's soul, there is a noble spirit. The oval-shaped purple jadeite pendant pairs best with a square neckline, housing the noble spirit from a distant land in one's heart.

Embrace the soothing embrace of purple jadeite, a gemstone revered for its tranquil and calming properties. For women blessed with literary and artistic talents, let the serene energy of this exquisite gem be your guiding light.

Auspicious clouds represent the connection between humanity and the divine. May your best self shine through every time you wear this auspicious clouds purple jadeite necklace.

⚜ Purple Jadeite Pendant Necklace

❀ Purple Jadeite Oval Pendant around 6-7g
❀ Sterling Silver Auspicious Clouds Setting
Permit the Boldest Chains to Pass Through

This piece is pendant only. Shipped with a sterling silver Chain as a gift.