Deer Necklace

  • In the Divine Land, there is a legend about a divine deer, which inspired this piece.

    In ancient times, a Persian merchant gets lost in a windstorm. Suddenly a spiritual deer of nine colors appears to guide the man. Later on, the deer rescues a man drowning in a river. In exchange, the man promises not to reveal the deer's whereabouts. The man reaches an imperial palace. The king insists on hunting down the spiritual deer to make clothes out of the deerskin. The man gives in to his greed and leads an army of warriors to the spot. He falls into the river again, hoping the deer will show up to rescue him. This time, all the warriors' arrows turn into dust, and the man is drowned.

    • High quality plated chain, total length 17 inches, including pendant
    • Plated deer pendant, choose from gold or silver tone
    • Comes in a silk pouch and box, well protected and ready to gift
    • Ships within 3 days

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