Fan Hair Comb Silver

The Fan Hair Comb Silver is a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry that is perfect for adding a touch of elegance and cultural significance to any outfit. The comb is silver plated and features fine faux pearls, as well as solid wire wrap work that guarantees its reliable quality. The comb measures 3 inches by 3 1/4 inches, and is the perfect size for holding the hair in place.

The fan shape of the comb is homophonic with the Chinese character for "good", and the folding fan also symbolizes "kindness" and "good deeds". In ancient China, people would send a fan to others as a sign of friendship and a wish for the friendship to be everlasting. This comb is a beautiful way to add a touch of cultural significance and elegance to any outfit.

⚜Item Specifics

❀ Gold Plated Fan Comb
❀ Faux Pearls
❀ Solid Wire Wrap Work Which Guarantee Reliable Quality
❀ Size: 3" x 3 1/4" (75mm x 80mm)

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