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Memory of Ancient Kingdom Herringbone Necklace

Handmade wire wrapped pearl and turquoise necklace with herringbone chain 30 inch. The Memory of Ancient Kingdom collection is inspired by memories of reincarnations from time immemorial. According to ancient Chinese belief, our lives came to this world with a reason and we went through numerous incarnations just for today. May you find your own reason when you wear this collection.

⚜Item Specifics

❀ Long Lasting Gold Plated Herringbone Chain
❀ 24 Baroque Pearls 8-10mm; 12 4mm Turquoise

❀ 5 Textured Long Lasting Gold Plated Diamond Chip
❀ 3 Mother Pearl Pendants 10mm
❀ Chain Length:  30 in. (76 cm)

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