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Return to Origin Tridacna and Red Coral Beaded Necklace

This Return to Origin multi-style beaded tridacna necklace features 81 primary gemstones where every 9 gemstones are grouped and connected by spacer gemstones.  This necklace can also be styled as a glasses chain and bracelet. Ancient Chinese people believe that the number 9 (九) means eternal, and if a person can survive 9*9 = 81 tribulations, he may be able to return to his original divine nature (九九歸真).

The white and red color is inspired by plum blossom which reminds us that even the most delicate beauty contains strength. Blooming in the harshest of winters, this flower represents the virtues of endurance and overcoming adversities.

⚜ Return to Origin Beaded Necklace

❀ 81 Natural Tridacna 4-10mm
❀ 24 Dyed Red Coral 4-10mm
❀ 72 Faceted Zircon 2mm
❀ 32 18K Vermeil Faceted Spacer

❀ 2 18K Vermeil Phoenix Hooks
 Beaded Chain 34 in. with Glasses Chain Connectors


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