Vintage Style White Jade Enamel Flower Bracelet

⚜Item Specifics

❀ Antique Style Gold Plated Enamel Tree Peony
❀ Treated White Jade 10mm
'❀ Yellow Onyx and Lapis Lazulli
❀ Size: 18cm

The tree peony is one of China's most well-known and respected flowers. The ancient Compendium of Materia Medica called it "the queen of the flowers," while a well-known poet called the tree peony "a lady of beauty." It has also been seen as a symbol of prosperity and material and spiritual flourishing.

One story records that in the depth of winter the Empress Wu Zetian ordered all flowers to blossom. All did, except the tree peony. This is why it also represents dignity: it has no need to obey mortal power.

Pair this bracelet with your favorite dress and look stunning on your next night out!

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