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Auspicious Clouds Lapis and Tridacna Bracelet

Auspicious clouds represent the connection between humanity and the divine. In ancient China, the use of lapis lazuli was restricted to the Son of Heaven— the emperor — and the royal court.

A sterling silver Auspicious cloud motif bead connects genuine natural lapis beads and tridacna beads around this bracelet. The lapis is considered to be "Stone of Heaven". The tridacna seashell featured in this piece is the whitest natural gem on earth, and is said to calm the spirit and clear the mind. Feel spiritually connected within yourself and to the divine every time you wear this bracelet.

⚜Item Specifics

❀ Sterling Silver Auspicious Clouds Bead and Ring (10mm)
❀ Natural Lapis (8mm)
❀ Natural Tridacna (8mm)
❀ Length: 15cm (Can Be Customized)

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