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Return to Origin Beaded Amethyst Necklace

This Return to Origin multi-style beaded amythest necklace features 81 primary gemstones where every 9 gemstones are grouped and connected by sterling silver auspicious clouds. Ancient Chinese people believe that the number 9 (九) means eternal, and if a person can survive 9*9 = 81 tribulations, he may be able to return to his original divine nature (九九歸真).

The beaded necklace can also be styled as bracelet and glasses chain. Your own favourite pendant can be attached to popcorn chain Pendant connector. 

⚜ Return to Origin Beaded Necklace

❀ 81 Natural Amethyst 6mm; 81 4A Lapis 6-10mm
❀ 8 Sterling Silver Auspicious Clouds 8mm
❀ 10 White Fresh Water Pearl 3-4mm
❀ 76 Faceted Sterling Silver Beads 2mm
❀ 2 18K Sterling Silver Phoenix Hooks
 Beaded Chain 36 in. with Glasses Chain and Pendant Connector 

⚜ Amethyst Earrings

❀ Natural Amethyst 8mm
 Sterling Silver Auspicious Clouds 8mm
❀ 2 Sterling Silver Faceted Beads