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Baroque Pearl Necklace and Bracelet Set with Music Notes

Elevate any outfit with Yun Boutique's Baroque Pearl Music Notes set. Highlighting 7-10mm Baroque Pearls paired with gold-plated music notes, this set exhibits impeccable craftsmanship, making it an ideal gift for music enthusiasts.

⚜ Necklace

❀ Baroque Pearl 7-10mm
❀ Natural Faceted Terahertz 2mm
❀ 14K Gold Plated Brass Music Notes
❀ Antique Style Solid Gold Plated Clasp
❀ Length: 16 in. (40cm)

⚜ Bracelet

❀ Baroque Pearl 7-10mm
Natural Faceted Terahertz 2mm
14K Gold Plated Brass Music Notes
❀ Magnetic Clasp
❀ Length: 16 cm (Can Be Personalized)