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Behind the Design: The Realm of Peace Collection

April 27, 2017 1 min read

For ancient Chinese people, who believed in human cosmic harmony, the path of ultimate happiness is to continuously become a better person until fully enlightened to the way of the universe. And the method to achieve that is called cultivation practice.

Cultivation practice has many different schools and taught by different buddhas and gods. But there is a important thing that all righteous schools share in common, which is to achieve tranquility through emptying the mind.

So the state of peace and tranquility seems to be a typical character among ancient Chinese cultivators. It represents harmony, balance, and enlightenment to higher wisdom. 

A detail of a boddisattva portrait by Zhang Daqian (1899–1983)

The shape of the Realm of Peace necklace is inspired by goddesses' necklaces as seen in ancient Chinese paintings. The structure of a large central bead flanked by two smaller beads is a very typical one in the necklaces that heavenly beings wear.

The golden cloud-pattern findings represent the the realm of heaven which is majestic and joyful. The tridacna seashell is the whitest organic stone on the earth, which perfectly conveys the concept of peace.

See the full Realm of Peace collection here.

Produced and researched by Ariel Tian. Edited by Christine Lin.

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