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Can you do customize designs?

You may request alterations to current designs by sending us an email. However, at the moment we do not do all-original custom designs. All customized pieces are final sale.


My ears aren't pierced! Can you do clip on version? 

Sure! It will cost $10–$15 more than the list price. Please send us your request for clip-on earrings, and we will make a custom order for you. 


I have one of your discontinued products. Can you still make it?

Please send a picture and we will try to do our best or provide you a similar design. But we can't guarantee to make exactly the same one because the materials might no longer be available.


I have allergies. What's suitable for me?

Nickel allergy is one of the most common causes of allergic contact dermatitis. So for people with allergy problems, we highly recommend they choose sterling silver, gold-filled or even solid precious metals. Avoid plated jewelry.

All jewelry on www.YunBoutique.com use sterling silver and gold filled metals. On our Etsy shop, we offer more affordable plated metals, which have been processed to resist allergy as well as tarnish.


What is the difference between silver- and gold- plated versus sterling silver and gold filled?

Read this blog


What if I lose an earring?

In these cases, we charge half of the item's full price, plus shipping. Just send a photo of your remaining earring so we can best match it, as some stones have natural variations. 


Can you repair jewelry?

We can do repairs for current products. For discontinued ones, we may not have the stock for material, but please ask. 

To begin a repair inquiry, please email us a photo of the damaged item. If the repair is possible, we will quote you a price based on the item's condition. Should you wish to proceed, please send the product to us. You will be charged for the material cost, as well as shipping both ways. We do not repair jewelry not purchased from Yun Boutique or Yun Boutique's Etsy shop.


Can you gift wrap my order?

All our products come with silk pouch (explain default packaging). If you want extra gift packaging (describe that too) it will be $5 extra. We can pack multiple items in one gift package. 


How long does shipping take? Do you do international shipping?

We normally use USPS First Class service for free shipping, which ships to over 180 countries. It usually takes 2-3 business days within the U.S., and 10-15 business days outside of the U.S. You can choose Priority Mail too. It usually takes 2 business days within the U.S., and 6-10 business days outside of the U.S. Please contact us if you need other shipping options or have special delivery requirements.


What about returns? 

We accept unconditional returns within 14 days in the original package. We do appreciate if you let us know how we can do better. After 14 days since your order, we will accept returns or exchanges if it is a quality issue. 


Can you help with lost or stolen packages? 

We have tracking for every order shipped, but for some reason the carrier loses the package, or it was stolen, please contact us. 


Why is your jewelry more expensive than other Chinese jewelry?

All Yun Boutique jewelry are designed and handmade in New York by designers who truly take reviving Chinese divine culture as their mission. This requires research, product development, and quality control.


Do you have a physical store?

Though we are based in New York, we don't currently have a brick-and-mortar location. You can find us on this site and on Etsy.


Any other questions? Just email us!