About Yun Boutique

Inspired by divine Chinese culture, Yun Boutique explores the connection between human and the divine.

Based in New York, Yun Boutique crafts jewelry featuring our iconic auspicious clouds motif, a miniature of the Buddhist concept of the Ten Directional World. Our jewelry is made of semi-precious stones in vermeil, sterling silver, and gold-filled; we also have accessory lines featuring traditional Chinese motifs.

Throughout history China was known as the Divine Land, reflecting Chinese people's deep belief in human-cosmic harmony. At Yun Boutique, we continue this heritage through our practice of Falun Dafa, an ancient Chinese meditation practice. We believe that life is a journey of spiritual self-cultivation; of becoming our best original selves.

Yun Boutique jewelry has been featured on Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, New York Fashion Week, and luxury gifting lounge of Oscar and Golden Globes. Our jewelry has been worn by celebrities like Emmy Award-Winning Actor Keith DavidMiss World Canada Anastasia LinToni Trucks of SEAL Team, Lela Loren of Power, Camren Bicondova of Gotham, Melonie Diaz of Charmed, among others.

When you wear Yun Boutique jewelry, we hope your auspicious original self will be inspired and shine through.  



About The Logo

Yun means “cloud” in Chinese. In Chinese iconography and Yun Boutique’s designs, clouds represent the connection between humanity and the divine.


 The Yun Boutique logo, a heavenly flower formed by a pattern of auspicious clouds, is a miniature representation of the Buddhist concept of the Ten Directional World. With its interlocking cloud patterns, flowers, and sense of eternal motion, it tries to capture the dynamism, plurality, and grandeur of the cosmos. It also communicates the ancient Chinese imperative to "return to the origin" — all feelings we wish to impart in every piece of art that you wear.


Artist Statement by Ariel Tian

Artist Statement by Annita Bao

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Explore the connection between human and the divine with Yun Boutique.