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Behind the Design: The Moon Goddess Collection

April 27, 2017 1 min read

Moon Goddess Chang'E in Chinese painting.

Is there any more full of mystery and feminine allure than the moon? When the Chinese think of the moon, a particular legend comes to mind: That of Chang'e, the moon goddess. 

She didn't always live on the moon. She was originally a goddess sent down to assist Houyi as his wife. Houyi was a legendary divine warrior and master archer. 

At the time, ten suns burned in the sky, making the earth uninhabitable. It was their mission to shoot down nine out of the ten, and return humans to a normal way of life.

When the emperor of heaven sent the pair down for the job, he gave Houyi a bow and Chang'e a vial of medicine, which, when the mission was complete, would return them home. They'd both take a sip and fly up to the sky.

But Houyi finished the job and got cocky off of the accolades people lavished on him. Seeing that his soul was no longer pure enough for a position in paradise, Chang'e made a difficult decision: to abandon that man she called her husband, and ascend alone to a self-chosen exile on the moon.

In our Moon Goddess necklace design, the bow shape in the necklace represents Houyi, and the ring represents Chang’e, living in her lunar palace. In this design, we put them together, in the hopes that none of us will ever leave any regret to our loved ones.

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