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Behind The Design: The War And Peace Necklace

December 21, 2015 0 Comments

Jewelry has talismanic value. Never has this been more so than in the War and Peace necklace, which celebrates the ups and downs of life.

The War and Peace necklace is so called because of the black-and-white horse hair used in the pendant tassel. In the Mongol emperor Genghis Khan's visual lexicon, horse hair banners announced the state of diplomacy.

If the Mongol empire was at peace, white horse hair banners can be seen paraded in the royal camp. If at war, the army would fly the black banners.

Here we've blended the two hairs to acknowledge that life is a mix joy and pain, loss and gain. There will be a time for sacrifice, as well as time for enjoyment. In fact, having overcome despair, success tastes all the sweeter.

The domed tassel cap carries a double meaning as well. It resembles a warrior's helmet. It is also the shape of a yurt — of home.

So here's wishing you strength. May you keep a positive outlook in bad times and cool head in bad times. 

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Produced and edited by Christine Lin. Researched by Ariel Tian.

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