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10 Types Of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

December 21, 2015 2 min read

You’re a responsible lady. You remember appointments, get your heels and handbags repaired, and stick to a budget. Yet your jewelry collection isn’t nearly as competent as you are.

If you’ve “got nothing to wear,” here’s our curated list of jewelry essentials. They were chosen for their versatility and practicality. Just a note: we’ll describe these items primarily in terms of function, rather than style, which we’ll leave up to you.

The four essential types of earrings (Christine Lin/Yun Boutique)

  • Dangly metal earrings. These add the perfect dose of glam to your look, but can go with everything in your closet because the primary element is metal, not colorful gemstones. Choose visually complex vermeil or filigree beads.
  • Pearl or pearl-alternative earrings. Pearl earrings bring out the brightness of your eyes and smile. If pearls aren’t your thing, try mother of pearl, seashell, or white coral. The Yun Boutique Peace earrings feature tridacna, the whitest of all natural gems.
  • Stud earrings. Studs are and low-maintenance and unobtrusive. Which means you won’t tear your ear off on gym equipment. Make sure the metal is high quality and can withstand continuous wear.
  • Hoops are both classic and bold. Many designers have created truly innovative hoops. Big, small, thick, delicate, or sculptural—with virtually unlimited options, you’re sure to find hoops that suit you.

The three essential necklace types (Christine Lin/Yun Boutique)

  • Everyday pendant necklace. A delicate chain-and-pendant combo works with tops of any neckline. Opt for small interchangeable charms or gemstone pendants. The chain should be fine and of adjustable length. 
  • A long, bold necklace. A necklace that falls below the bust stands out over chunky sweaters and winter coats. It also keeps your proportions balanced when wearing long dresses or tall boots. Make sure the chain has some visual heft.
  • A statement necklace. The perfect statement necklace looks at home with a dramatic outfit and with a casual one. What qualifies as a statement necklace? Substance and a degree of design complexity. To match lots of outfits, pick one in mixed metals.

The essential rings and bracelets (Christine Lin/Yun Boutique)

  • A simple cuff bracelet. Look for elegant lines and minimal embellishment. This way it can be paired with jeans, an LBD, or even an evening gown. A cuff can be worn over bare arms or over sleeves.
  • Bangles. Choose thin-to-medium stackable bangles. With bangles you can wear one or two of them, or a whole stack on one wrist or both—depending on how bold you feel.
  • A cocktail ring. Find something pretty to brighten your mood as you work! The best cocktail rings impart drama, but aren’t bulky. The metal should harmonize with other rings you wear regularly.

Which jewelry items are the workhorses in your collection? Share in the comments!

Produced and edited by Christine Lin. 

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