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How to Wear Gemstone Lariat Necklace in Multiple Styles

December 05, 2022 2 min read

Jewelry is not just designed to bring elegance and confidence. It is also designed to bring hope, inspirations, and possibilities. That is our Yun Boutique jewelry style.

Let's take Yun Boutique beaded moonstone lariat necklace as an example to see how it can be transformed into multiple styles.

Opera Style 

This is the most classic and simple way to style a long beaded necklace with 26 to 36 inches as opera style. Hangs below the bust and is long enough to wear as a single strand. Beautifully accentuates business and evening wear.


Double-strand Choker

Wrapped or knotted to create the illusion of a double-strand, can also be used for layering. Classic, elegant, and chic at the same time.


Multistrand Bracelet

Wrap the necklace around your wrist then clip the hooks to form a multistrand gemstone bracelet.


Tassel Earrings

Yun Boutique beaded gemstone necklace has a pair of hooks and tassels which is a very special design to create multiple possibilities for styling.

Silk tassels can be attached to earrings or to form a lariat necklace with. 


Lariat Tassel Necklace

Attached tassels on the hooks. Wrap around your neck and hold both sides of the strand together in front of you. Create a big knot as if tying a rope. Transform the beaded necklace into a strong fashion statement with simple and elegant outfit.

Single Tassel Necklace

Try single tassel for a more classic Asian style. Create a mysterious and exotic touch with this mala beads necklace look.


Layered Tassel Necklace

Wear single tassel necklace with double-strand to bring focus to upper body.


Open Tassel Choker

Now let's play around with this necklace with different ways to tie. Double wrap the strand around your neck but this time leave it open. the weight at the end will keep it in place.


The French Neck Tie

Double the necklace then place it around your neck, loop it together and sweep it to the side.


Scarf Necklace

Give a simple loop close to the side of your neck and keep one strand front and another strand back for a chic scarf necklace look.

It will create a chic and elegant look at your back.


Glasses Chain

Yun Boutique gemstone necklace can be also worn as glasses chains. So it will be a perfect gift for mothers and scholars.

More Styles

With different length and colors of beaded gemstone necklaces and tassels, you can create styles and possibilities of your own fashion code.

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