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Beaded Tridacna and Amethyst Necklace with Blue Silk Tassel

Handmade tridacna necklace with amethyst spacer and intricate blue silk tassel. Multiple ways to style with a pair of matching earringsThe tridacna seashell featured in this piece is the whitest natural gem on earth, and is said to calm the spirit and clear the mind.

Auspicious clouds bodhi seed pendant represents the connection between humanity and the divine. According to ancient Chinese belief, mortals are originally from heaven and the meaning of life is to cultivate and go back to their homeland in paradise. 

⚜Item Specifics

❀ 90 Natural Tridacna Beads 8mm
112 Genuine Natural Amethyst 2-4mm
❀ 6 Rhodochrosite 8-10mm; 24 Natural White Coral Spacer
❀ 3 Rosewood Auspicious Clouds; 
❀ Sterling Silver Phoenix Clasp; Silver Plated Flower Caps
❀ Total Length Approximately 43 in. (110 cm)
❀ Pendant Width 0.75 in. (20mm); Length 6.5 in. (165mm)