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Auspicious Baroque Pearl Enamel Wood Hair Stick


⚜Item Specifics

❀ Dyed Ebony Wood Stick
❀ Gold Plated Enamel Auspicious Clouds and Phoenix
❀ Baroque Pearls 8-9mm 15-20 pieces
❀ Solid Wire Wrap Work Which Guarantee Reliable Quality
❀ Total length 7 inches

This vintage style Chinese hair stick features phoenix and auspicious clouds with baroque pearls. It has different design at different side so you can wear them in different styles.

In the Divine Land, the phoenix (fenghuang) is a divine bird that reigns over all the others. Its body symbolizes the celestial bodies, and its feathers are made of the five fundamental colors that represent the five virtues. Auspicious clouds represent the connection between humanity and the divine. 

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