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Light of Truth Tassel Necklace

Simple and modern in style with a little Asian touch, this necklace goes with everything, making it a perfect companion to daily dressing.

Inspired by current events in China, this "The Light of Truth" necklace celebrates the courage and dignity of people who speak out under oppression.

Here the freshwater pearl represents the quiet power of the truth. It emits a ring of light in the darkness—and thus, while the color can represent darkness and fear, it can also carry the meaning of justice.

⚜Item Specifics

❀ Plated Chain, Tassel, and Pendant
❀ Black Square Obsidian (1cm)
❀ Length: 24 in. (with 2 in. pendant and 1 in. tassel)
❀ Bottom Of Tassel Is Around Chest
❀ Choose from gold or Silver Tone