Return to Origin 4mm Amethyst Necklace Set

This beautiful necklace set features a multi-style beaded amethyst necklace with a white jade and zircon tassel pendant. The necklace is made up of 81 primary gemstones, with every 9 gemstones grouped and connected by spacer gemstones. The pendant can be detached from the necklace and replaced with any pendant you like, and the necklace can also be worn as a glasses chain. The ancient Chinese believed that the number 9 symbolized eternity, and that surviving 81 tribulations could help a person return to their original divine nature. This necklace is inspired by the Taoist divine weapon, the Fúchén, and is a truly unique and elegant piece of jewelry.

⚜ Return to Origin Beaded Necklace

❀ 81 Natural Amethyst 4mm
❀ 8 Moonstone 6mm
❀ 16 Popcorn Vermeil Beads 3mm
❀ 90 Faceted Zircon 2mm

❀ 2 18K Vermeil Phoenix Hooks
Beaded Chain 24 in. with Glasses Chain Connectors

⚜ White Jade and Zircon Tassel Pendant

❀ 18K Vermeil Filigree Pendant with White Nephrite Jade 
❀ 18K Vermeil Popcorn Chain Connector
❀ Faceted Zircon Tassel 3 in. with Chinese Filigree Inlay Art Cap
❀ Total Length 4 in. and Width 0.8 in. 

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