Return to Origin 4mm Carnelian Necklace

This necklace features 81 primary gemstones made of carnelian, as well as spacer gemstones made of gold sandstone and faceted zircon. The number 9 is considered significant in ancient Chinese culture, and the necklace's design incorporates this belief with its 81 gemstones. The necklace can be worn as a traditional necklace or as a glasses chain. The pendant features a natural tridacna gemstone with a gold-plated lotus cap and ring. The pendant is about 1 inch long.

Ancient Chinese people believe that the number 9 (九) means eternal, and if a person can survive 9*9 = 81 tribulations, he may be able to return to his original divine nature (九九歸真). 

⚜ Return to Origin Beaded Necklace

❀ 81 Natural Gradient Carnelian 4mm
28 Gold Sandstone 4-8mm
❀ 72 Faceted Zircon 2mm

❀ 2 18K Vermeil Phoenix Hooks
 Beaded Chain 22 in. with Glasses Chain Connectors

⚜ Tridacna Lotus Pendant

❀ 14K Long Lasting Gold Plated Lotus Cap and Ring
❀ Natural Tridacna 14mm
❀ Natural Carnelian 4mm
❀ Total Length 1 in. 

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