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Silver Phoenix Statement Necklace and Earrings Set


Handmade phoenix feather statement necklace with baroque pearls, a glamous Asian touch to your top or cocktail dress. In the Divine Land, the phoenix (fenghuang) is a divine bird that reigns over all the others. Its body symbolizes the celestial bodies, and its feathers are made of the five fundamental colors that represent the five virtues. 

⚜ Necklace

❀ Silver Plated Phoenix Feather Pendant
❀ Silver Plated Auspicious Clouds
❀ Baroque Pearls 8-10mm; 
❀ Sterling Silver Clasps
❀ Phoenix Feather Pendant Width 1.5 in.; Length 2.5 in.
❀ Necklace Length: 20 in.

⚜ Short Earrings

❀ Silver Plated Filigree Phoenix Wing
❀ Sterling Silver Post Studs
❀ 6 Baroque Pearls 1/3 in. 10-14mm
 Length: 2 in. (53mm)

⚜ Long Earrings

❀ Silver Plated Filigree Phoenix Wing
❀ Sterling Silver Post Studs
❀ Baroque Pearls 1/3 in. 8-10mm
❀ Length: 3 in. (75mm)

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