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The Nine Terahertz Stone Asymmetrical Stud Earrings in Gold Filled

These earrings are handmade with intricate gold-filled satellite chain and faceted terahertz stone, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit. The gold-plated sterling silver ball studs with an ancient texture are designed to be gentle on sensitive ears. Wear them to embrace a sense of new beginnings and timeless beauty in your life. The versatile design of this piece makes it a unique addition to any jewelry collection.

These earrings are a matching piece of The Nine Terahertz Stone Collection.

❀ Faceted Terahertz Stone 2mm * 9pcs; 4mm * 1pc
❀ Gold Filled Satellite Chain 7.5 Inch or 8 Inch and 1.5 Inch Extension
❀ Gold Plated Sterling Silver Clasp