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Vermeil Auspicious Clouds White Jade and Gemstone Bracelet


⚜Item Specifics

❀ 10-14mm Carved Auspicious Clouds White Jade with Vermeil Setting with Traditional Patterns
❀ Vermeil Bracelet Chain with Hook Clasp and Extension
❀ 2 White Shell Beads and Pearls
❀ 2 Vermeil Auspicious Clouds
❀ 2 Dyed Ruby; 2 Dyed Emerald; 2 Dyed Sapphire
❀ Length: 18-21cm (3cm Extension)

In the Divine Land, Jade is respected as the emperor of all gemstones. It represents eleven virtues including a noble character, grace, loyalty, intelligence, and sincerity. Auspicious clouds represent the connection between humanity and the divine.