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White Jade Cicada Pendant Necklace with Chinese Knot

šŸ“æ Necklace

ā€ HandmadeĀ Auspicious Chinese Knot Necklace
ā€ White Jade Cicada Pendant
ā€ LengthĀ 24 Inch (60cm)
ā€ Chinese Knot with Jade Pendant Length 3.5 Inch (9cm)

The cicada, a remarkable symbol of rebirth, renewal, transformation, longevity, and immortality, captivates with its profound meaning and elegance. Discover how this awe-inspiring insect serves as an auspicious gift, carrying well-wishes for a flourishing career.

The Mandarin Duck Knot in this design is a symbol of love and fidelity. This knot is given as a token of enduring romance and deep affection.

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