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Udumbara Flower Jewelry Set

Handmade Udumbara jewelry set with crystal hand carved flower and moonstone: a Y chain necklace, a pair of post stud earrings, a beaded bracelet.

Inspired by the enigmatic udumbara flower, a legend in Buddhism that blooms only once every 3,000 years, symbolizing the arrival of a Holy King to restore Dharma in the world. In Yun Boutique's designs, the udumbara flower stands as a symbol of hope and salvation.

⚜ Necklace

❀ Hand Carved White Crystal Flower
❀ 24 Faceted 2-3mm Moonstone

❀ Gold Filled Chain and Sterling Silver Phoenix Clasp
❀ Flower Tassel Length: 2.5 in. (60mm) 
❀ Chain Length:  18 in. (40 - cm) Adjustable

⚜ Earrings

❀ Handcarved White Crystal Flower
❀ 18 Faceted 2-3mm Moonstone
❀ Sterling Silver Studs and Flower Cap

❀ 14K Gold Filled Wire
❀ Length: Around 1.5 in. (40mm)

⚜ Bracelet

❀ Hand Carved White Crystal Flower
❀ 18 Faceted 2-3mm Moonstone
❀ Flower Tassel Length: 1.5 in. (40mm) 
❀ Chain Length:  6.5 in. (17cm) Adjustable

18K solid gold version is made to order.